Where Do I Fit In?

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:The unity of the body is seen in the diversity of gifts and people - seen especially in v. 25. This unity within diversity is seen most clearly in the trinity itself, and then worked ou in the body of Christ, the Church.

Pentecost and the outpouring

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:Next to the Resurrection, the day of Pentecost was a transforming event for the disciples and ultimately the world.

Gone Fishin'

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:Sometimes when things don't work just the way we think they out to, we head back into wht we know -- our default position. But God has his plan, his time and he will never let you go if you are willing to follow.

A Gardener who can Walk thru Walls

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:When your new reality sinks in, you are faced with the choice: living like you always have, or launching into something new.

New Reality Series begins

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:When worldviews collide, people will do anything to keep their point of view alive -- no matter what the truth may be.


Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:In the midst of anything that comes our way, disagreement, trouble, hardship and persecution, Paul tells us simply rejoice. But how? By having the right focus.

Work Out What God has Worked In

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:God's will is to work in and through us as we work out our salvation. Doing so brings the light of the gospel to the world in need.

The Conundrum of the Cross

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:Paul realized that outside of Jesus, nothing is worth anything. As he wrote from prison, he urged the Philippians to avoid selfish ambition and deceit. We should exhibit humility and service to others, as Jesus did.


Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:James brings his letter to a close with the challenge to his body to pray, and to do so regarding everything with your community.

A Faith that Works

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:Joshua shows us that we must consecrate ourselves, then God will act through us. Then we must step into the Jordan (faith), and finally, do battle.

Mind Your Tongue

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:A healthy community is one that understands the importance of our words. Words can hurt. We need to be cautious about what we say.

Faith Works

Rev. Mike Oldham


Description:We are back to the series on James. This message asks us to consider how we are justified before God: is it by faith or works, or perhaps both? Take away: What do you do with your faith?