"Betrayed with a Kiss! The Light of the World Betrayed in the Hour of Darkness!"

Luke 22:47-53


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the verse-by-verse exposition of the Gospel of Luke and paints a full picture of this betrayal-event. All four gospels are brought together and harmonized in this sermon.Judas is the prime example of a false disciple. What a tragedy!What a Savior -- the Light of the world -- rejected by the world but come to seek and save that which was lost!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey -- Zechariah, Part 2"

Zechariah 7-14


Description:In this family bible hour study, shepherd-elder Randy Kirkland teaches on the Book of Zechariah. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Living By Heavenly Wisdom!"

James 3:13-18


Description:In this message, Tom Rayborn, CFBC's pastoral-intern, preaches on heavenly wisdom vs. earthly wisdom. May God's Word sink deep into our hearts that we would live our lives by God's wisdom and God's ways -- by His grace -- and for His glory!

"Your Savior's Fervent Prayer in the Garden: Pray that You May Not Enter Into Temptation!"

Luke 22:39-46


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the Garden of Gethsemane narrative when our Lord agonizes in prayer just hours before the cross. In the Garden, he pours out His soul to the Father and begs that the "cup" may pass from Him. This message focuses on the glorious Savior that we worship -- he is a suffering Savior, a praying Savior, a compassionate Savior, and a praiseworthy Savior!And he drank the cup -- the cup of God's almighty wrath -- for His people. He quenched God's thunderous wrath aimed at sinners! He took it all for us!Consider this text and rest in God's great love for His people!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Zechariah 1-6 - Bible Survey"

Zechariah 1-6


Description:In this message, Randy Kirkland teaches a genearl survey of the book of Zechariah and specifically looks at the first portion of this prophecy.

"Hope for the Discouraged!"



Description:In this study, Randy Kirkland provides biblical counseling truths for those who battle discouragement. The Book of Haggai is a wonderful help to those who are struggling. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Personal Evangelism"

Selected Scriptures


Description:In this family bible hour class, Al Baker teaches on 'personal evangelism.' In fact, he specifically speaks about door-to-door evangelism. He speaks very practically about how to do this and some ways to bring the gospel into these conversation with your neighbors. www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Love of God"

Romans 5:1-10


Description:Al Baker preaches Romans 5:1-10 and speaks on the great love of God and how we as believers should take this divine love that has been given to us and we should proclaim that to those around us!www.CFBCSTL.org

"10 Marks of a Revival Culture"



Description:In this message, Al Baker walks through the Book of Acts and shows what a "revival culture" looks like. He sums it up in 10 marks.

"Gaining an Intolerable Burden"

Selected Scriptures


Description:In this message, Al Baker starts the day of revival teaching & prayer by teaching on what it is for us to gain an intolerable burden.

"Making Your Church a House of Prayer for the Nations"

Selected Scriptures


Description:In this final session, Al Baker taught on what it means to have a church as a house of prayer or all nations. Al gave 2 foundational building blocks and then 12 essential stones in the strong house of prayer. Listen & be blessed. www.CFBCSTL.org

"A Brief History of Revival & The Need for Desperation!"

Luke 24:44-49


Description:In this hour and a half message, Al Baker (with Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship) speaks from Luke 24 and also provides a brief sketch of the history of Revival in our land. Listen to how God has worked and how God is ABLE to work. Let us also gain a sense of great desperation so that we would pray with mighty boldness & unstoppable zeal for God to pour out His Holy Spirit upon us and save many souls!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Epaphroditus: Let's Learn from a Man Who Risked His Life to Serve Christ!"

Philippians 2:25-30


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Philippians 2:25-30 on the man Epaphroditus -- and how he risked everything for the service of Christ, of Paul, and for the advance of the gospel. This is a wonderful biographical text of Scripture where Paul paints this man and fellow laborer in high regards. And he serves as a fitting model for us to emulate as we pursue Christ. This sermon provides 3 lessons we can learn as we look at Epaphroditus. www.CFBCSTL.org

"3 Crucial Lessons for You to Understand Concerning Difficulties that Come When You're Following Jesus"

Luke 22:31-38


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches through Luke 22:31ff which is the final conversation in Luke's gospel while Jesus is with the eleven disciples still in the Upper Room after they had the Passover Meal and after Jesus instituted the Lord's Supper.The 3 crucial lessons are:1. Satan wants to destroy you2. Jesus powerfully prays for you.3. It will be a fierce ministry before youMay God write His eternal truths upon our hearts as we study God's Word, verse by verse, together.

"Bible Survey - Haggai"



Description:Randy Kirkland, one of CFBC's shepherd-elders, teaches thru the Book of Haggai in this Bible Survey. Listen to the background, the overview, and some specifc points of teaching on this small, yet very important, prophetic book. www.CFBCSTL.org

"A Portrait of Selfless Faithfulness: Learning from Timothy"

Philippians 2:19-24


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches through Philippians 2:19-24 where Paul wishes to send Timothy, his trusted and faithful ministry companion, to the Philippians to encourage them and bring a report back to Paul in Rome.Here we see 5 brushstrokes of ministry faithfulness from the character portrait of Timothy. Let us learn and emulate the godly example of Timothy. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - Esther"



Description:Randy Kirkland teaches through the book of Esther in the continuing study of the Bible Survey. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Learning About True Greatness & Future Rewards in the School of Christ!"

Luke 22:24-30


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches on the text where Christ responds to an angry contention among the 11 disciples in the upper room about 'who is the greatest'. He responds by teachin gon what true godly leadership is and He also promises lavish rewards to those who are faithful in serving Him. www.CFBCSTL.org

"5 Specifics on How to Work Out Your Salvation"

Philippians 2:14-18


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Philippians 2:14ff. In this text, Paul builds on and provides specific ways that the believers can 'work out your own salvation' (Phil 2.12-13).All of these points in Phil 2:14-18 must be built upon the reality that it is GOD who is first and initially at work in us whereby we are thus enabled to walk in holiness.This sermon presents 5 specifics for us to work out our own salvation.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - Nehemiah"



Description:In this message, Shepherd-elder, Randy Kirkland teaches through the Book of Nehemiah in the Bible Survey class.www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Passover Meal, the Lord's Supper, & Christ's Great Love for You!"

Luke 22:14-23


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the text when Jesus is in the upper room having the Passover meal with the Twelve. This message brings us into the Jewishness of the feast and brings out the highlighted features of the night:1. The theological moment of the Passover.2. The true meaning of the Passover.3. The tragic betrayer at the Passover.More at www.CFBCSTL.org

"The God-Given Grace & Joyful Necessity of Working Out Your Salvation!"

Philippians 2:12-13


Description:In this message, pastor Geoff provides the context which is absolutely crucial for a proper understanding of the meaning of these verses. Then, he defines what sanctification is and asks what is the believer's role to play in growth in Christlikeness? Should you be passive? Active? Zealous? 'Let go and let God?' Earnestly pursuing holiness?This sermon provides 4 vital characteristics of sanctification. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - Ezra"



Description:In this Family Bible Hour study, Randy Kirkland leads the congregation thru the Bible survey in the book of Ezra.

"Jesus Prepares for the Passover: The Divine Drama of Deliverance!"

Luke 22:1-13


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the verse-by-verse exposition thru the Gospel of Luke and here shows the preparatory events for the Passover meal that Jesus will have with His disciples...We see three factors that set the final Passover narrative in motion:1. See the ferocious determination2. See the false disciple3. See the final dinnerConsider these points as we journey through this text together...www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Glorious Eschatology: All Will Declare that Jesus Christ is LORD!"

Philippians 2:9-11


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the glorious pronouncement that Jesus Christ is LORD! But how does the Lordship of Christ relate to eschatology (end times)? What does it mean that 'every knee will bow' and 'every tongue will confess' that Jesus Christ is LORD? What about demons, devils, angels, saints, nonbelievers, those in hell? What will they do? Will they all declare Jesus is LORD?This study examines Philippians 2:9-11 and shows how all rational creatures on that future day will most certainly affirm and pronounce that Jesus Christ is LORD!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - 2 Chronicles"

2 Chronicles


Description:In this study, Randy Kirkland surveys the book of 2 Chronicles and brings out some of the highlights and themes of this great book of the Bible.www.CFBCSTL.org

"How We Must Relate to Homosexuals, Those Who Are Transgender & the LGBT Community"

Luke 5:29-32


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on Luke 5 and answers the question: How must evangelical Christians relate to homosexuals? How must we speak with those who claim to be transgender? How do we engage with the LGBT community? What are we to say? How are we to talk to them? How do we speak the truth in love? This sermon answers the question under 5 headings. 1. Realization2. Celebration3. Instruction4. Compassion5. Convictionwww.CFBCSTL.org

"Gaze Upon the Glorious GOSPEL in This Text!"

Philippians 2:5-11


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the true gospel from the Philippians 2.5-11 paragraph:1. the impossible standard2. the incarnated Savior3. the incalculable substitution4. the indomitable Sovereign5. the inviting summonswww.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - 1 Chronicles"

1 Chronicles


Description:Randy Kirkland, one of CFBC's elders, teaches through the book of 1 Chronicles and surveys the Life of David and shows some observations so that we can glean helpful insights from this most important book!www.CFBCSTL.org

"What the Bible Says About Homosexuality & to the LGBT Movement"

Romans 1:18-32


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches the Word of God from Romans 1:18-32 and shows what the Bible says about the topic of homosexuality. 1. God is known.2. God is just.3. God is patient.This sermon gives clarity from God's sufficient Word regarding homosexuality, transgenderism, and various sexual deviancies. God's gospel is sufficient and able to convert the heart, cleanse the conscience, and change a life. May God powerfully work through His Word for the saving and sanctifying of many. May God equip us as His people so that we would speak confidently, courageously and with conviction regarding these matters. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Behold Jesus Christ: The Divine-Man! The Glorious CHRISTOLOGY of this Text!"

Philippians 2:5-11


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the Christology from the Kenosis passage in Philippians 2:5-11. In this text, Pastor Geoff preaches the glorious Christ:1. Jesus is GOD2. Jesus is MAN3. Jesus is HUMBLE4. Jesus is SAVIOR5. Jesus is EXALTED6. Jesus is LORDwww.CFBCSTL.org

"The Gospel: Ultimate, Good News!"

Ephesians 2:8-9


Description:In this message, Pastor Geoff preaches a gospel message at a homeless ministry in downtown St Louis. This message surveys the good news of the gospel:Gospel of GRACEGospel of ASSURANCEGospel of FAITHGospel of HUMILITYListen to this gospel proclamation & exhortation to repent & believe in Christ for salvation!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - 2 Kings"

2 Kings


Description:In this message, Randy Kirkland provides an overview of the book of 2 Kings. Listen to the theological themes and outline of the book in this message. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Motherhood as a Ministry Model"

1 Thessalonians 2:7-8


Description:Listen to this message as Robert Thurman, president of Brookes Bible College & pastor of Forest Park Bible Church, preaches the word from 1 Thessalonians 2:7-8 on the blessings of ministry and the ministry model of motherhood. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Having a Humble Attitude Like That of Christ: The Glorious Meaning of This Text"

Philippians 2:5-11


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches Philippians 2:5-11 and proclaims the meaning of this text -- that we are to have the humility like that which is found in Jesus Christ. 1. See how Jesus humbled himself.2. See how God exalted Him.www.CFBCSTL.org

"A Warning Against Personal Declension (Backsliding)"

Hebrews 3:12-13


Description:In this message, Tom Rayborn (CFBC's pastoral intern) preaches Hebrews 3:12-13 and provides a most sobering warning to the congregation to be on guard against personal declension -- spiritual declension, or, backsliding. This sermon provides the warnings of it, the signs if one is backsliding, and the sufficient hope found in Christ and in His omnipotent grace. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Bible Survey - 1 Kings

1 Kings


Description:This study surveys the book of 1 Kings -- and specific attention is given to 1 Kings 11 -- and it looks at the tragedy of Solomon's downfall and his heart that was led away from the LORD to serve various gods. This led to the division of the kingdom -- into the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.

"Do You Pray?"

Selected Scriptures


Description:In this mid-week prayer meeting sermon, Tom Rayborn, CFBC"s pastoral-intern, preaches on the topic of "Do You Pray?" Listen to this encouragement to the people of God to meet with God and commune with Him in fervent, heartfelt, constant prayer. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Godly Living in Light of Christ's Soon Coming! Be Watchful & Alert!"

Luke 21:29-38


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches on living in light of the Lord's coming. We must be observant of the signs of the times and we must always be on the alert and watchful so that the day of His coming does not take people by surprise.Let all God's people heed the words of Christ and be alert, sober, ready and anticipating His soon-return!www.CFBCSTL.org

Bible Survey - 2 Samuel

2 Samuel


Description:In this message, shepherd-elder, Randy Kirkland teaches through the book of 2 Samuel and gives particular focus on the Davidic covenant in 2 Samuel 7.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Church Unity: God's Clear Wisdom on How to Maintain Unity"

Philippians 2:4


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches part 4 on the section of Philippians 2:1-4 dealing with Church Unity. Phil 2:4 has one main idea but stated both positively and negatively:1. Do NOT look out for your own personal interests2. DO Carefully look out for the interests of othersListen to an exposition of this text of Scripture and practical ways to apply and implement it in our lives.www.CFBCSTL.org

"1 Samuel — Bible Survey"

1 Samuel


Description:In this Family Bible Hour, Randy Kirkland teaches thru the Book of 1 Samuel and focuses primarily on chapters 13-15 -- Saul's downfall and disobedience.www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Ultimate Sign of the End: Christ's Coming in the Clouds with Power & Glory!"

Luke 21:25-28


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff continues the exposition through the Gospel of Luke and here the text covers the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in power & glory.This sermon provides the background of this lengthy discourse and the importance of the 2nd coming event. The sermon shows how the events of the end are unmistakable:1. Unmistakable SIGNS2. Unmistakable SOVEREIGN3. Unmistakable SALVATIONwww.CFBCSTL.org

"Church Unity: Specific HEART ATTITUDES Necessary to Preserve Unity"

Philippians 2:3


Description:Pastor Geoff continues preaching through the central, discourse peak in the entire letter of Philippians -- 2:1-4. And here, this sermon focuses on verse 3 which presents us with 2 specific lessons for us as God's people:1. Let us diligently PUT OFF SELFISHNESS.2. Let us diligently PUT ON SELFLESSNESS.Listen to the exposition through Philippians 2:3 so that we would honor Christ, empowered by His Spirit, and live with "humility of mind."www.CFBCSTL.org

"Cling to the Essential Gospel: A Resurrected Savior!"

Matthew 28


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches this Resurrection Morning sermon from Matthew 28 and provides 4 words that our Lord wants us to hear from this chapter on this day of celebration:1. I am alive!2. Do not fear!3. Be on guard!4. Go and tell!www.CFBCSTL.org

"5 Triumphant Realities of the Cross-Event"

Hebrews 9:14


Description:In this Good Friday sermon, Pastor Geoff preaches Hebrews 9:14 and provides 5 triumphant realities from this magnificent verse. Worship Christ & marvel at this great gospel that God accomplished for sinners!www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Church Unity: The INGREDIENTS to Preserve Unity in Your Church"

Philippians 2:2


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Philippians 2:2 and preaches on how to "be of the same mind" -- or, literally: "be thinking the same thing" in the local church. How do we preserve church unity? 3 ingredients:1. Reciprocal Love2. Inner Harmony3. Gospel-OrientationMore from Phil 2:2 in this message. www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Ruth — Bible Survey"



Description:After reading all four chapters in full, Randy Kirkland teaches on the authorship, overview, themes, and theological motifs of this magnificent book that highlights the glorious Providence of God. Ruth is a wonderful transition book between the dark times of the Judges and the Monarchy of Samuel. See the glorious Providence of God unfold in this small, yet wonderful, book of Ruth.

"The Signs of the End: The Desolation of Jerusalem: A Foreshadowing of the Ultimate Desolation to Come"

Luke 21:20-24


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the next unit in this 'end-times' discourse that Jesus gives to His disciples on the Mt of Olives (see parallels in Matt 24-25 and Mark 13). In this sermon, Jesus speaks of when the stones will fall from the Temple and not be left upon one another. Jesus answers the question of "when" the temple will be destroyed here in 21:20-24. It is a severe, divine, just, and swift punishment -- for sin. It occurs because Israel did not recognize the day of God's visitation (in Christ). But all of this foreshadows, it pictures, it points to a coming day of ultimate vengeance not with human armies, but with God's Son when Christ returns in power & glory to judge the world for its unrighteousness!Flee to Christ! Be saved from divine wrath! There's safety only in Him!

"Unity in the Church, Part 1 — The Glorious FOUNDATION for Unity"

Philippians 2:1


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the verse-by-verse exposition through Philippians and here begins the section in Philippians 2:1-4 -- the center-point, the hub, the discourse peak, the Mt Everest of the book. This brief paragraph is the thematic center of the entire epistle. Verse 1 lays the foundation of what God has *already done* in every true believer -- so that verses 2-4 can build on this foundation with exhorting the believers to live in unity. But verse 1 is simply stating to the believers what they *already now currently enjoy* because of God's gracious & sovereign & selfless workings. www.CFBCSTL.org