"1 Samuel — Bible Survey"

1 Samuel


Description:In this Family Bible Hour, Randy Kirkland teaches thru the Book of 1 Samuel and focuses primarily on chapters 13-15 -- Saul's downfall and disobedience.www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Ultimate Sign of the End: Christ's Coming in the Clouds with Power & Glory!"

Luke 21:25-28


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff continues the exposition through the Gospel of Luke and here the text covers the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ in power & glory.This sermon provides the background of this lengthy discourse and the importance of the 2nd coming event. The sermon shows how the events of the end are unmistakable:1. Unmistakable SIGNS2. Unmistakable SOVEREIGN3. Unmistakable SALVATIONwww.CFBCSTL.org

"Church Unity: Specific HEART ATTITUDES Necessary to Preserve Unity"

Philippians 2:3


Description:Pastor Geoff continues preaching through the central, discourse peak in the entire letter of Philippians -- 2:1-4. And here, this sermon focuses on verse 3 which presents us with 2 specific lessons for us as God's people:1. Let us diligently PUT OFF SELFISHNESS.2. Let us diligently PUT ON SELFLESSNESS.Listen to the exposition through Philippians 2:3 so that we would honor Christ, empowered by His Spirit, and live with "humility of mind."www.CFBCSTL.org

"Cling to the Essential Gospel: A Resurrected Savior!"

Matthew 28


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches this Resurrection Morning sermon from Matthew 28 and provides 4 words that our Lord wants us to hear from this chapter on this day of celebration:1. I am alive!2. Do not fear!3. Be on guard!4. Go and tell!www.CFBCSTL.org

"5 Triumphant Realities of the Cross-Event"

Hebrews 9:14


Description:In this Good Friday sermon, Pastor Geoff preaches Hebrews 9:14 and provides 5 triumphant realities from this magnificent verse. Worship Christ & marvel at this great gospel that God accomplished for sinners!www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Church Unity: The INGREDIENTS to Preserve Unity in Your Church"

Philippians 2:2


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Philippians 2:2 and preaches on how to "be of the same mind" -- or, literally: "be thinking the same thing" in the local church. How do we preserve church unity? 3 ingredients:1. Reciprocal Love2. Inner Harmony3. Gospel-OrientationMore from Phil 2:2 in this message. www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Ruth — Bible Survey"



Description:After reading all four chapters in full, Randy Kirkland teaches on the authorship, overview, themes, and theological motifs of this magnificent book that highlights the glorious Providence of God. Ruth is a wonderful transition book between the dark times of the Judges and the Monarchy of Samuel. See the glorious Providence of God unfold in this small, yet wonderful, book of Ruth.

"The Signs of the End: The Desolation of Jerusalem: A Foreshadowing of the Ultimate Desolation to Come"

Luke 21:20-24


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the next unit in this 'end-times' discourse that Jesus gives to His disciples on the Mt of Olives (see parallels in Matt 24-25 and Mark 13). In this sermon, Jesus speaks of when the stones will fall from the Temple and not be left upon one another. Jesus answers the question of "when" the temple will be destroyed here in 21:20-24. It is a severe, divine, just, and swift punishment -- for sin. It occurs because Israel did not recognize the day of God's visitation (in Christ). But all of this foreshadows, it pictures, it points to a coming day of ultimate vengeance not with human armies, but with God's Son when Christ returns in power & glory to judge the world for its unrighteousness!Flee to Christ! Be saved from divine wrath! There's safety only in Him!

"Unity in the Church, Part 1 — The Glorious FOUNDATION for Unity"

Philippians 2:1


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the verse-by-verse exposition through Philippians and here begins the section in Philippians 2:1-4 -- the center-point, the hub, the discourse peak, the Mt Everest of the book. This brief paragraph is the thematic center of the entire epistle. Verse 1 lays the foundation of what God has *already done* in every true believer -- so that verses 2-4 can build on this foundation with exhorting the believers to live in unity. But verse 1 is simply stating to the believers what they *already now currently enjoy* because of God's gracious & sovereign & selfless workings. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Judges — Bible Survey"



Description:Randy Kirkland continues teaching thru the Bible and here covers the Book of Judges. This splendid summary shows the apostasy and moral depravity of Israel. Why is the book of Judges recounting such evils among Israel? Where did they all come from? How did they sink so low in sin? Answer: Because they didn't *completely* obey God. Partial obedience leads to calamity. Judges proves this.

"The Signs of the End of the Age: Are You Ready?"

Luke 21:5-19


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches through this Olivette Discourse (since Jesus preached it on the Mt of Olives) as he answered the disciples' question about when the Temple will be destroyed, what the signs will be of His coming and of the end of the age. This first sermon deals with Jesus' answer of the 'signs that will come' that lead to the end (vv.5-19).www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"God's Gifts to You to Both Believe & Suffer for the Sake of Christ!"

Philippians 1:29-30


Description:Pastor Geoff expounds Philippians 1:29-30 on the 2 privileged graces that God gives to each believer (as spelled out in these verses):1. The grace to BELIEVE2. The grace to SUFFERwww.CFBCSTL.org (Download the PDF outline & song sheet below.)

"Joshua — Bible Survey"



Description:In this study, shepherd-elder Randy Kirkland teaches through the Book of Joshua. The wonderful faithfulness of God to all of His promises is the grand theme of this magnificent book. This survey works through all 24 chapters and highlights some of the theological themes of the book.www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Condemnation of False Teachers & the Commendation of a Poor Widow"

Luke 20:45-21:4


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff preaches on the account in Luke 20:45-48 on the woe judgments on the Pharisees. Matthew 23 is the longer version of this account. Then, Luke 21:1-4 deals with a practical demonstration of how the crooked teachers devour widow's households by exploiting them. Listen to this sermon & find out the marks of FALSE teachers and the marks of TRUE men of God. www.CFBCSTL.org

"3 Reminders for Every Heavenly Citizen"

Philippians 1:27-28


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the verse-by-verse exposition thru the Book of Philippians and here teaches Philippians 1:27-28 -- conduct yourselves worthy of the gospel of Christ.This text provides 3 reminders for us...1) Mind your conduct! (v.27a)2) Strive for unity! (v.27b)3) Remember your salvation! (v.28)Let us take heed to these truths and remember to LIVE OUT practically who we really ARE positionally in Christ.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Deuteronomy — Bible Survey"



Description:Randy Kirkland teaches the book of Deuteronomy in the CFBC "Bible Survey" class. In this overview, he shows the wonderful importance of this book & understanding the original context in which it was written. www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Valley of Dry Bones — Regeneration: The Act of God Alone in Giving Life to Dead Sinners"

Ezekiel 37:1-10


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff preaches on Ezekiel's vision of the Valley of Dry Bones. And he shows that God powerfully gives life to the dead.1) the utter ruin of man2) the sovereign regeneration from Godwww.CFBCSTL.org

"A True Christian's Autobiography"

Philippians 1:21


Description:In this sermon, Tom Rayborn, CFBC's pastoral intern, preaches Philippians 1:21 and shows that TO LIVE is Christ and TO DIE is Gain!Listen to this message & download the PDF outline below. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Numbers — Bible Survey"



Description:In this Family Bible Hour Study, shepherd-elder, Randy Kirkland, teaches through the book of Numbers and gives the overview of the book and many practical implications for us as the people of God.Download the PDF handout below.

"Who Is This Jesus? Jesus Christ: The Son of David and Lord Over All!"

Luke 20:41-44


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff continues to preach through the Gospel of Luke & here looks at the Passion Week of our Lord. This section is when Jesus asks the Jewish leaders whose son the Messiah is -- David's! But Messiah is NOT ONLY the son of David; He's David's Lord & sovereign One over all! Implication? Bow before Him! Believe in Him! Surrender to Him! And live!www.CFBCSTL.org

"What Are the Marks of a Life Utterly Devoted to Jesus Christ?"

Philippians 1:21-26


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches on the 5 marks of a life utterly devoted to Jesus Christ -- from the text in Philippians 1:21-26.www.CFBCSTL.org

"An Intriguing Question on Marriage, the Resurrection & the Afterlife!"

Luke 20:27-40


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff teaches on the odd, hypothetical question that the Sadducees raise to Jesus in order to show that his doctrine of the resurrection is totally illogical & foolish. Jesus responds with brilliant directness & clarity. He shows that there IS a future resurrection and He shows it with a theological argument and an exegetical (biblical) argument. Learn from our Savior and see how masterful and clear He responds to those who posed this question to Him.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Leviticus - Bible Survey"



Description:In this message, Randy Kirkland walks through the Book of Leviticus and shows the paramount importance of this book in knowing the Holiness of God, the sinfulness of sin, and the atonement that He accomplishes for sinners!Download the PDF full outline/notes below.

"You Can Rejoice Knowing that Everything Will Work Out for Your Deliverance on That Final Day!"

Philippians 1:18-20


Description:Pastor Geoff Kirkland continues the exposition through Philippians and shows how Paul has the all-consuming ambition to 'magnify Christ in his body.' He provides 3 ways that he can rejoice -- even in his suffering -- because he knows ALL things will turn out for his deliverance...1. through the prayers of the saints2. through the provision of the Spirit3. through the priority of magnifying Christwww.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"A Loaded Political Question & A Brilliant Spiritual Answer!"

Luke 20:20-26


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches on the political question that the Jewish 'spies' bring to Jesus: "Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar?"Jesus replies with a most profound and beautiful word that takes the discussion to an entirely different plane altogether -- away from the political (only) but to the spiritual. Give to Caesar what he deserves and demands. Give to God all that He deserves & demands -- and that's all that we are and all that we have!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Exodus -- Bible Survey"



Description:In this message, Randy Kirkland teaches an overview of the book of Exodus. Moses wrote this book and it conveys the sheer, miraculous deliverance that Yahweh gives to His people Israel from the cruel bondage they faced in Egypt. 1. Journeying TO Sinai (Ex 1-18)2. While AT Sinai (Ex 19-40)Download the full PDF notes below. www.CFBCSTL.org

"How Does Suffering Advance the Gospel?"

Philippians 1:12-18


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on how suffering advances the gospel. This paragraph provides 3 important reasons why this can be the case. www.CFBCSTL.org

"A Parable of the Wicked Vine-Growers & the Inevitable Judgment that Will Come to All Who Reject Christ"

Luke 20:9-19


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the story (parable) of the wicked vine-growers who worked the owner's vineyard and mistreated the slaves he repeatedly sent over and over and over. All this symbolized the history of Israel and their rejection of God and of His Beloved Son, Jesus the Messiah. See the story about IsraelSee the prophecy about ChristSee the judgment on unbelieversBe warned! Don't trip over this Stone who is Christ and be judged! Don't let Him fall on you in utter judgment & irresistible wrath! Come to Christ, the Beloved Son and know Him as Savior!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Genesis -- Bible Survey"



Description:This message begins the lengthy series on "Bible Survey" that we'll launch for the 4PM Family Bible Hour class. In this hour, you'll hear the overview of Genesis -- the book of Beginnings. You'll learn about the literal, 6-day, 24-hour creation account by God (Gen 1-2), Adam and Eve, sin's entrance into the world, the worldwide flood, and God's sovereign choosings and covenant with Abraham and with his seed. www.CFBCSTL.org Download the pdf outline below.

"Lessons on How to Pray for Your Church"

Philippians 1:9-11


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on Paul's prayer for the Philippian church from 1:9-11. In this section, pastor Geoff shows how we can learn 5 lessons from Paul's prayer.O God -- grow us to be more...1. Loving2. Discerning3. Blameless4. Serving5. God-GlorifyingListen to this exposition & let us take God's Words (from 1:9-11) and use them as our own prayer for our own church!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Restoring a Sinning Brother in the Church: Your Duty, Privilege, and Adequacy to Help Others in Sin."

Galatians 6:1-2


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches Galatians 6:1-2 and shows the believers' duty, privilege, and adequacy (competency) to help others who are caught in a trespass. Listen to this study that works phrase by phrase (even word by word) through these important verses. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Who Gave Jesus His Authority? A Controversy With the Jewish Scholars"

Luke 20:1-8


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff continues the verse by verse study through the Gospel of Luke (and, the Passion Week) and here we see Jesus confronted by the Jewish elite -- an official delegation of rabbinical scholars. And Jesus totally baffles them and confounds them and traps those who came to trap Him!This sermon traces what happens and shows that Jesus does, in fact, have all authority!

"Let Us Grow in Genuine Love for the Believers as Our Love is Centered on the Gospel"

Philippians 1:7-8


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches the Word of God from Philippians 1:7-8 where Paul expresses genuine care and tender affection for all of the believers in Philippi.How can we learn from Pastor Paul and grow in our genuine love for one another...1. Think intentionally about the brethren2. Serve consistently with the brethren3. Care affectionately for the brethrenListen to this sermon flesh out these three ways that we can grow in our genuine love for all of the believers at CFBC.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Jesus Clears the Temple: God's Judgment on False Religion!"

Luke 19:45-48


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Luke 19:45-48 on the text where Jesus clears the Temple courts and casts out all those buying and selling in the House of God. This is a full-blown judgment on false worship -- the Pharisaical and Sadducean worship system of works-righteousness and greed in ancient Israel. Behold the glory of Christ in His magnificent power & Messianic authority!www.CFBCSTL.org

"What Are the Marks of True Conversion?"

Selected Scriptures


Description:In this message, Randy Kirkland goes through the book of 1 John and other Scriptures to show what are some of the marks that flow from a truely converted soul.These marks don't save, nor do they contribute to salvation, nor do they keep us saved. But true conversion will always result in fruit that is demonstrable. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Thank Your God for His Work in Your Salvation ... From Beginning to End!"

Philippians 1:6


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the exposition thru Philippians and shows how this section (vv.3-8) deals with Paul speaking of WHY he prays for the Philippian believers. He gives thanks to God for them (v.3). Verse 6 is a triumphant theological reality but it's inseparably linked to prayer. This verse teaches us 3 reasons why Paul gives thanks...1. Your salvation STARTED WITH GOD.2. Your salvation IS SUSTAINED BY GOD.3. Your salvation IS SECURE IN GOD.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Christ As the Gospel: The Remedy for Legalism, Lawlessness, & Lack of Assurance"

Luke 15:11-31


Description:In this message, Jason Woelm teaches on a controversy that took place in the Scottish Church centuries ago but it has enormous ramifications for the gospel. What is the gospel? Must people turn from sin and believe first before salvation? Or must believers proclaim Christ first to the sinner and then, when God does the regenerating work, they then respond in repentance and faith? Jason Woelm teaches on this crucial topic as showing that Jesus Christ is the gospel and the doctrine of "union with Christ" sums up all that the beliver has, enjoys, and will receive. Christ is the remedy for the errors of legalism and lawlessness (antinomianism). Download the PDF outline below.

"Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem: A Prophetic Oracle of Doom As They Reject Salvation"

Luke 19:41-44


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches Luke 19:41-44 and heralds this pericope unique to Luke during the Triumphal Entry procession. As He rides on the donkey presenting Himself as Messianic King on Sunday of the passion week, we see 3 characteristics of our Messianic King:1. He wept compassionately2. He prophesied judgment3. He offers salvationMarvel at this glorious Christ who has such a tender compassion for the lost & for the doom that those who reject Him will receive.www.CFBCSTL.org

"3 Reminders for Us As We Pray for Every Saint at CFBC!"

Philippians 1:3-5


Description:Pastor Geoff continues the exposition through Philippians and begins the introductory section on Paul's praying for these believers. In these opening verses of 1:3-5, Paul expresses why he prays for and gives thanks to God for them. He prays for every single saint by name. He intercedes for them in fervent and urgent entreaties to God. He loves them and prays for the believers with joy. Let us learn from Paul's example and emulate this as we pray for one another in the local church. Download the full PDF outline: www.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Hosanna! The Day of Messianic Presentation! See the Triumphal Entry of our Lord & His Kingship!"

Luke 19:28-40


Description:Pastor Geoff begins the Passion Week (cf. Acts 1.3) with this important event of Christ presenting Himself as the Messianic King. He travels with the crowds of people and then, on Sunday morning, enters Jerusalem publically on a donkey as the masses are shouting "Hosanna" (Psalm 118). Listen to the background of this event and the meaning of this messianic presentation!www.CFBCSTL.org

"What Is True Conversion?"

Selected Scriptures


Description:Randy Kirkland, one of CFBC's shepherd-elders, teaches on the most important topic of "conversion". What is biblical conversion? What happens? What does God do? What is repentance and faith? Why is it that important?Listen to this very important, foundational & biblically faithful teaching on conversion. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Grace to You & Peace, O Church of God!"

Philippians 1:2


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches the opening greeting: "Grace to you & peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ" (Phil 1.2). In this verse, Pastor Geoff provides 5 axioms for us (5 declared, established, stated truths).Be encouraged of the great love of God & grace of God poured out to His people from the Father & from the Son. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Have You Found the Grace of God?"

Genesis 6:5-9


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Geoff preaches the gospel in preparation for the Lord's Supper with the congregation. This sermon provides 3 main sections that provides the biblical gospel:1. Severe sin2. Sovereign grace3. Sincere holinessSee the badness of sin and the sovereign grace that is given to ruined rebels. And then see how the grace of God changes the heart and thus results in a changed life -- by God's power & might!

"Using Your Spiritual Gifts"

Romans 12:1-8


Description:Pastor Geoff teaches on the believers' use of spiritual gifts. It's not so much how to find your gift and discovering which gift you have as much we find in the New Testament to be (1) involved in your local church, and (2) be obeying the commands given to all believers (=the 'one anothers'), and (3) then seeing how God especially gives you joy in particular areas of service for the edification of the flock.Download the pdf document below.

"A Jet-Tour: Like-Mindedness, Lowliness, and Joyfulness in the Pursuit of Christ!"

Philippians 1:1


Description:Pastor Geoff begins this expository, verse-by-verse study through Philippians with a jet-tour flyover of the layout of the entire book of Philippians. He covers 5 of the predominant themes that come out in this great little letter. Also, the background is given of the city of Philippi, how the gospel invaded Europe (Acts 16, Paul's 2nd missionary journey), and what the church is like there in that city of Philippi.www.CFBCSTL.org

"Preserving Unity in the Body of Christ!"

Ephesians 4:1-3


Description:Pastor Geoff exposits Ephesians 4:1-3 and provides 6 vital organs that must be present (from this text) to preserve & maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. 1. The GOSPEL2. Humility3. Gentleness4. Patience5. Tolerance of one another6. Protection of this unity at all costswww.CFBCSTL.org/sermons

"Who Then Is This? None Other Than the Son of God!"

Mark 4:35-41


Description:Bill Rabideau, one of CFBC's seminary students, preaches the Word from Mark 4 on Jesus' calming of the storm. This message points out both the humanity & deity of Christ. Bill also shines the light on the power & authority of Christ who is with His people -- even through the storms of life. He is worthy of our trust!www.CFBCSTL.org

"The Wonders of Our Incarnate King: Jesus, YOUR HOPE!"

1 Peter 1:3-9


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches 1 Peter 1:3-9 and shows how all believers have a true & living hope. This hope, biblically, is not a wish, it's a confident expectation and certainty based upon God's promises & not life's circumstances. This passage provides 5 divine declarations regarding the Christian's hope. www.CFBCSTL.org

"Characteristics of a Content Person"

Philippians 4:10-12


Description:In this message, Warner Aldridge, one of CFBC's seminary students, preaches the Word of God and reminds the congregation of the vital importance of contentment. This text in Philippians 4:10-12 provides 3 marks of a content person. May the LORD cultivate in each believer the great joy and duty of being content!www.CFBCSTL.org

"Participating in Corporate Worship!"

Selected Scriptures


Description:Pastor Geoff preaches on the foundational truth of participating in corporate worship. This message emphasizes the reality that every believer plays an active part in worshiping God corporately.Rather than the mindset of "I'm going to church to get/take something," we should try to cultivate the mindset of: "I'm going to gather with the saints in order to serve them today!"May God work this in all of His people!