Fully Engaged with My Community

John Crowder


Description:This is the final message in the "Fully Engaged" series. As believers, we need to be engaged in our communities and we need make a positive impact on them.

Fully Engaged in My Walk With God

John Crowder


Description:Our new series kicked off this week with this message about being fully engaged in my walk with God.

The Power of His Presence

John Crowder


Description:This message addresses the primary theme of the Bible.

Depend On It

John Crowder


Description:Independence, Dependence, and Interdependence

Mega Faith

John Crowder


Description:Learning how to develop a stronger faith in God.

The Truth About Discipleship

John Crowder


Description:The first message in the series "Less Self"

The Lamb of God

John Crowder


Description:This short message prepared us for the Lord's Supper.

Easter Surprise

John Crowder


Description:As people entered the sanctuary on this Easter Sunday, they were surprised to find it filled with ballons. When Mary and the disciples went to the tomb on the first Easter Sunday, they were surprised to find it empty!

Crucifixion Sunday

John Crowder


Description:In this message, we hear the last three things that Jesus said from cross. This was actually three mini-sermons that were preached at different times during the Lord's Supper. They have been edited together so you can hear them all at once.

The Prayer and The Promise

John Crowder


Description:The first statements Christ made from the cross: The Prayer of Forgiveness and The Promise of Forever

Forgive 1 Another

John Crowder


Description:This message led to our cleberation of the Lord's Supper.

Message Recap: Serve 1 Another

John Crowder


Description:This is a 6-minute video recap of the message that was preached on Jan. 22, 2017.

The Prince of Peace

Todd Ewing


Description:Advent Week 2: Peace

The Hope of the Magi

John Crowder


Description:Advent Week 1: Hope

How to Give Thanks

John Crowder


Description:5 great ways to say "Thank You"