What WIll Be Your Life's Legacy

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Will people see you painting yourself as beautiful on the outside, or will people see the awesome, beautiful God inside of you transforming you on the outside.

Unwrapping Christmas

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Are you playing with the boxes, or receiving the gift?

Carrying Christ

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Carrying Christ to others means getting out of the safety of the pew, church, "boat", means challenges("waves"). Are your eyes on Christ, or the waves?

God Revealed

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:If Jesus came to reveal God to us, then what do we learn about God from the first Christmas?

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge


Description:Teen Challenge Christmas Presentation

Haiti Missions Trip

Pastor Selwyn Bodley / Haiti Team


Description:Haiti Team main lesson learned: "Be Still And Know That I Am GOD"

The Hunted

Pastor Selwyn


Description:We are in a battle and it's not against flesh and blood. Knowing the enemy's plans and tactics is critical in living the life that God has called us to.

Dry Bones, Dry Wells, Dry Lives

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Finding Christ in disappointment, discouragement and hopelessness

The power of Compassion

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:The darker the night, the greater the light. How you can shine in the dark world that we live in.

The Struggle Within

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:The Bible is not full of Super Heroes that never struggle but rather real people like you and me with real challenges.


Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Why are elephants held by such small ropes when they have the power to break them?

The Inner Life

Pastor Selwyn Bodley


Description:Just because it comes out of a chicken doesn't mean its an egg!