Better Priest, Better Covenant, Better Life

Pastor Reg Overstreet


Description:Hebrews 8 explains a little more why Jesus is a better High Priest; then really focuses on why His New Covenant is infinitely better than the Old Covenant, and why it makes our life so much better.

A Tale of Two Tombs

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:Peter preached the first recorded resurrection sermon on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2). It involved a tale of two tombs… one the tomb of the famous King David and the other the empty tomb of Jesus. God used this sermon to bring 3,000 people into His Kingdom. It’s a powerful sermon that speaks to us today as well!

Good Friday

John Haddick


Description:In this sermon we explore more about Jesus, the Lamb of God, and his attributes found in the book of Revelations.

Enter the Lamb of God

Pastor Reg Overstreet


Description:Jesus, Lamb of God is our theme for this year’s Easter season. On this Palm Sunday weekend Pastor Reg teaches the significance of Jesus the Lamb of God entering His earthly ministry, entering Jerusalem on “Palm Sunday,” and the significance of us entering salvation through God’s final sacrificial Passover Lamb, Jesus.

Strategic Prayer

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:We are in a spiritual battle for the souls of people. This sermon is a challenge to engage in strategic prayer for the lost and a explanation of how we do this at Lake City Community Church. This is all in the context of praying for our upcoming Easter outreach services.

God's Design for Diversity

Elder Tung Le


Description:What is the Biblical Perspective on diversity? How is God glorified through our differences? We examine how unity in diversity honors God.

The Gospel and Race

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:In this sermon, Pastor Jim describes how the gospel relates to race, and how we are all made in the image of God.

The Power of Biblical Unity

Tom Kraeuter


Description:In John 17, Jesus prayed that the church would experience the same unity that the Trinity exhibits. Tom Kraeuter shares some very practical and biblical steps of how we can walk together as the body of Christ.

Don't Harden Your Hearts

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:Pastor Jim continues our series in Hebrews, talking about Faith That Endures, and showing us the warnings against hardening our hearts toward God.

Sanctity of Life

Pastor David Pritchard


Description:In honor of Sanctity of Human Life Weekend, pastor David emphasizes the importance of approaching the subject with a solid worldview; a worldview that recognizes God and God alone as the giver of life. He also uses a football team's offensive philosophy as an illustration of the importance of a worldview.

Growing Through Goal Setting

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:In this practical sermon, Pastor Jim Kennington lays out some foundational and helpful principals for making your Goal list. Pastor Jim talks about how all of life's different aspects has an influence and impact, not only on our day to day, but on our Spiritual life as well.

What If Jesus Is Lord?

Pastor Reg Overstreet


Description:Hebrews 2 is called one of the most important texts on Jesus' incarnation. This text warns against rejecting Jesus as Lord, and explains the depths of what accepting and acknowledging Jesus as Lord means to us.

Jesus Is Greater

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:This message explains how Jesus is greater than angels, an issue for first century believers. It also challenges us to makes sure Jesus is more important than everything else in our lives today.

Who Is That Baby?

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:This sermon introduces the book of Hebrews, and focuses on Heb. 1:1-3, which describes the supremacy and glory of Jesus, the Son of God.

Praying for the Lost

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:Praying for the Lost focuses on the privilege and power of prayer. God says it is a priority for His children, and gives us encouraging examples of prayer warriors in His Word.

The Great Raid

Chaplain John McDougall


Description:Chaplain John McDougall takes us through scripture to show us the Jesus beyond the "Sunday School Jesus." He introduces us to Jesus as the Warrior that He is. The views expressed in this message are those of the speaker and do not reflect the official policy or position of the U.S. Army, the Department of Defense, or the U.S. government.

God Will Use This For Good

Pastor Reg Overstreet


Description:The “You’ll Get Through This” series has stirred our souls and taken us through many difficult topics. In this finale sermon Pastor Reg shows from the climax of Joseph’s story in the Old Testament and from Romans in the New Testament how God uses all things, and especially our sufferings, for good.

Forgiveness: The Road to Restoration

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:Forgiveness is both a decision and a process. The story of Joseph forgiving his brothers gives hope for experiencing God’s healing from pain and mistreatment, and illustrates how God restores relationships.

The Waiting Room

Pastor Jim Kennington


Description:Joseph spent 13 years as a slave or in prison in Egypt. We learn from his life that God uses waiting rooms for a purpose. Joseph teaches us how to handle the waiting room well and illustrates the importance of faithfulness and perseverance.

Your Role in a Helathy Church Family

Pastor Reg Overstreet


Description:LCCC wants to be a healthy church family, as every church should. Pastor Reg uses Titus 2 to determine what is your role,a nd everyone's role, in making it so.

The Walk of Faith

Tung Le


Description:The story of two followers on the road to Emmaus serves as a model of our walk of faith. What is our story?