2018 Youth Co-Ed Soccer Registration


Reference chart for jersey sizes. Sizes are listed in inches.

Note: The jerseys are made of a wicking material and are designed for more form fitting and therefore, run a little smaller than standard t-shirts. If your child does not care for a form fitting jersey, order a size larger than normal.


Size 4 6/8 10/12 14/16 18/20

Chest 25-26 26-28 28-30 30-32 32-35 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 47-49

NOTE: If a minimum number of participants for the 4th and 5th Grade Outdoor League is not reached, then we will offer the Indoor League only.

Practice Nights - Must select at least two (2) nights for practices. Select a preferred night and then select all additional practice nights available. If at least two (2) nights are not chosen, we cannot guarantee you will receive the practice night selected.






Financial assistance in the form of waiver or reduction of fees for concessions or referee work is available. All other financial assistance subject to qualification of need and resources available by Outlook Christian Church.

By checking "Yes" below and submitting the form, I state that I am the parent and/or legal guardian of the registrant and I hereby give my hereby give my permission and consent for him/her to participate in Outlook Youth Sports Programs. I release and discharge Outlook Christian Church and anyone or any person representing Outlook Christian Church in any capacity from any liability claim or cause of action whatsoever arising out of any injury or illness that my child might sustain as a result of participating in the Outlook Youth Sports Programs or activities relating to this program or as a result of being on the premises of Outlook Christian Church even though caused as a result of facts whereby such persons or corporations would be responsible under principles of negligence, strict liability, or any other theory of liability.

I understand that Outlook Christian Church does not provide health insurance coverage for participants in athletic activities and that it is my sole responsibility to maintain appropriate insurance for my child. In the event my child becomes injured or ill during Outlook Christian Church Youth Sport Programs, I authorize the coach or his/her representative to secure first aid and/or the services of a physician or hospital and agree to assume any financial obligations incurred therewith.

I also authorize Outlook Youth Sports Leagues to use photographs and video footage of me, my child, and all of my family members for any purpose associated with the promotion of Outlook Youth Sports Leagues.

I further state that I have read this consent and release, that I understand its terms, that I have the authority to sign it on behalf of my child, and that I am signing it voluntarily and without any coercion or undue influence by Outlook Youth Sports Leagues, Outlook Christian Church, or any of their representatives.

Thank you for choosing Outlook Youth Sports. We're looking forward to serving your family this year. Complete registration by paying online (link on registration page).