To Judge or Not to Judge

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:What Did Christ really mean when he said, "Do not judge"?

The Treasure of the Secret Place

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:When we draw attention to ourselves in our service to God, the applause and approval of people is our only reward.

God Expects Me To What????

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Perhaps the most challenging directive from Jesus - "Love your enemies".

TheTruth About Sex

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Jesus expands the definition of adultery beyond physical action to one of heart intent. He furthermore demands personal accountability for one's actions.

Righteousness and Justice for All

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The righteousness Christ spoke of was not the gift of righteousness found in Paul's theology, but the righteousness of obedience.

God's Highest Favor on Humility

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The Humility Beatitudes: Poor in Spirit, Mourners, and the Meek

Are You In Or Out?

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Kingdom principles and ethics are set forth in the Beatitudes.

How Do I Fit Into God's Master Plan?

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:God will execute His masterplan regardless of adverse circumstances and unwilling people.

The Best Decision of your Life

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Continuing the series in the Book of Ruth. Ruth's amazing decision to forsake her own idolatrous upbringing to follow Naomi and Naomi's God.

If You Are Miserable In Moab, Then Maybe You Should Move

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:"You can't change your past, but you can sure change your future!"

You Were So Close

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Too many people have been so close to Christ, yet completely missed Him.

Who is Watching the Children?

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Hell has our chidren in its crosshairs, looking to kidnap their souls before we reach them for Christ. It is a battle for our children.

The Connection

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Jesus is the true and only Stairway to Heaven

Stay in the Boat

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:People tend to panic in the midst of the storm, then make foolish decisions. Don't panic; stay in the boat. Everything will be all right when you are sailing in God's will.

The Work of the Spirit (part 3)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The Spirit is at work in the NT church promoting unity, providing diversity, and guaranteeing success in our mission

The Work of the Spirit (part 2)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament;The Holy Spirit in the New Testament

The Work of the Spirit (part 1)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The case for the continuation of the works and gifts of the Spirit today.

The Laodicean Delusion

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The Laodicean delusion comes by prosperity, which breeds complacency, compromise, and a Christless religion.

Family Matters

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Each member of the family must fulfill their God-appointed duties in order to preserve harmony in the family.

What Did You Expect? This is War!

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Proper preparations for enduring the endless spiritual battle that surrounds us.

God Never Changes, But You Aren't God

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Lessons from the parable of the wineskins

Just Plug In!

Guest Speaker Russ Conner, Jr.


Description:Plugging in to the passion and power of Pentecost.

Lift Him Up

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Palm Sunday message: Christ boldly declares decisive victory even before His Crucifixion

Truth Under Siege

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:If the powers of Hell have sworn themselves to attack and destroy truth, we should equally commit ourselves to the proclamation and preservation of truth. Are you willing to speak up?

The Death of a Dream

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:What do you do when your dream dies?

What Does God Expect of Me?

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:God expects me to stand for truth, live out practical Christianity, and persuade others.

The Holy Spirit and the Last Days

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days

The People of God's Presence; The People of the Spirit

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:After the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D., what happened to the presence of God?

Build It Again

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:There are many difficulties to face in a rebuilding project, but we can be encouraged by the prospect of something much better coming our way.

Wandering and Wondering in the Wilderness

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:For the child of God, the wilderness is not a place of punishment but rather a place of personal development. But be careful of the many strange voices and noises you might hear.

How To Read The Bible (Part 4)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Helpful hints in reading the wisdom literature - Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon

How To Read The Bible (Part 3)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:How to read the Old Testament, including tips for reading the narratives, the prophets, and the Psalms.

How To Read The Bible (Part 2)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Helpful hints on how to read the Parables and the Epistles, and a simpler approach to the book of Revelation.

How To Read The Bible (Part 1)

Pastor Scott Rooks


Description:Part one of a four part series. Practical helps for understanding how to read various parts of the Bible including the narratives, the Gospels, the Parables, the Epistles, the Psalms, and the Wisdom Literature.